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What are Macros?

Macros is short for macronutrients, the three macronutrients are Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates.

Why are Macros important?

Depending on what you do and your goals, your macronutrients can be manipulated so you reach your fat loss goals in both a dieting cycle and when your calories are normal.

What about Calories?

Let’s not kid ourselves, calories matter a lot, you have likely just been doing them wrong. The biggest mistake that people make when dieting is they trap themselves with lower calories. With Eat To Perform we fix that so that you can lead a more flexible life.


One gram of Protein equals four calories, One gram of carbohydrates also equals four calories and fats equal nine calories. So what we are looking for is the right macro split for each person based on their goals.

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Is Eat To Perform just for active people?

The answer to that is no but activity isn’t reserved just for SUPER active people. I like to say if you walk or garden you are active.

Why is Eat To Perform better and what is Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)?

Said simply, the more you diet the worse you get at dieting, this is a SCIENTIFIC FACT. What we do is attack fat loss in short and sustainable bursts that allow for better results in a shorter period of time. The idea is to get in and get out and restore your metabolism. Whether you are in a Fat Loss phase or a Performance phase, you are addressing FAT LOSS in both. The first is obvious, we are trying to lose weight to lose fat.

In a Performance phase we are normalizing calories so that muscle replaces fat (or at the very least you are keeping the muscle you have).

We then rinse and repeat these cycles for your desired result. Eventually the goal is to spend more time in performance phases to allow your metabolism to thrive and one side effect is that it makes the times you do manage your weight MUCH more effective.